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SFM is GanaWare premier Business Activity Monitoring application and the world's first and only enterprise software that truly creates synergies and promotes corporate strategies. SFM consists of three key and unique client applications - Personalized Intranet Portal, Collaboration Workspace and Strategy Dashboards - plus a collection of business productivity tools. In addition, on the server side, there are tools to help configure the SFM, manage SFM components, visualize the operation of the Synergy Engine and perform integration with EAI.

Personalized Intranet Portal

his is a like a personalized newspaper or "Wall Street Journal" on what's happening within your organization. Users will probably start off each day by visiting the portal to check important information as well his/her prioritized task list and schedule for all the projects the user is involved with; and returning to this page frequently during the day to determine what to work on next or to check for any new alerts and reminders. Unlike traditional Intranet portals where contents are developed manually, contents in the form of business events, alerts and reminders are generated automatically via our Synergy Engine using Smart Agents.

Collaboration Workspaces

Collaboration Workspaces are shared workspaces where everyone belonging to the same "project" can communicate, share knowledge, track progress, etc. A project can be any arbitrary group of people working towards some common goals. For example, it can be a development project, work for a particular contract, a committee, etc. All members of the same project will see a similar workspace. However, the workspace will still be personalized to bring tasks and events that are more relevant to the user upfront. Again, the most interesting aspects of the Collaboration Workspace are the project-specific events, alerts and reminders that are generated automatically by the Synergy Engine.

Strategic Dashboards

Strategy dashboards put you at the driver's seat. Dashboards let you "see" where your company is heading, how your projects are doing, or your personal incentive/performance measures. The main objective of the dashboard is to provide enough meters so that the user can achieve a "holistic" view of the ecosystem. There are several types of Dashboards - Enterprise, Department, Project and Personal Dashboards. There may be arbitrary levels of Departments to represent arbitrary organizational structure and hierarchy.

Business Productivity Tools

Business Productivity Tools is a collection of integrated business tools, such as Web-base email, schedules, task lists, calendars, FAQ, expert locator, instant messaging, document management, etc. These tools are integrated into and are accessible from the client applications.

ESP Command Center

The ESP Command Center contains a set of tools to configure and manage the Enterprise Synergy Platform. This includes tools to configure and maintain enterprise-specific knowledge, such as your company's organization structure, roles and responsibilities, business events and their priorities, alert and reminder settings, smart agents, management measures, etc. Another tool provides application configuration and customization, such as screen layouts and portlets. There is also a Synergy Monitoring Tool that allows a system administrator to visualize the internal workings of the Synergy Engine and to provide business event analytics.

EAI Tools

SFM is designed to work with other existing applications and systems and interfaces and integrates with them via EAI technologies.

All the SFM modules work on top of the Enterprise Synergy Platform - a collection of core technologies that makes "synergization" possible. These technologies include the Synergy Engine, Business Event Mining, as well as Enterprise Directory Services and an XML Repository.


[July 24, 2019]
GanaWare joins the Business Incubation Program at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

[May 22, 2017]
GanaWare presents BAM business at EDB's Venture Capital Conference

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