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Synergization Technology

"Synergization" technology is a term we use to describe the ability to turn an enterprise not only into a Zero Latency Enterprise, but also ensure the enterprise moves forward in the right direction and achieves corporate objectives and strategies. This is done within SFM and ESP through advanced business event processing coupled with highly intelligent smart agents.

Synergization Provides Five Critical Business Success Factors

Strategy - Synergization helps mobilize and align employees towards common corporate objectives and keeps company on track

Metrics - Synergization provides instant access to performance measures at all levels of the organization so that employees and managers know how they are doing at any one time

Synergy - Synergization minimizes coordination costs / maximize productivity - nothing falls between the cracks; as there will be no cracks

Awareness - Synergization means effortless and proactive collaboration across organization - all automatically done behind the scene with our Synergy Engine and Smart Agent technologies and communicated via multiple channels

Management - Embedded intelligence in SFM allows management to focus on value creation - our software actually helps customers manage their company, businesses and projects so that they can focus on creating value

Benefits of Synergization

Synergization shortens communications
More informed decision-making
Brings people together
Towards common goals
Horizontally and vertically
Throughout and beyond an enterprise

All the benefits from Synergization can be realized immediately within the first month after deployment of SFM!


[July 24, 2019]
GanaWare joins the Business Incubation Program at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

[May 22, 2017]
GanaWare presents BAM business at EDB's Venture Capital Conference

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