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Corporate Vision

GanaWare is dedicated to becoming the global leader in providing enterprise business activity monitoring (BAM) software through advanced and innovative AI technologies that accelerates information awareness, increases productivity and manages business objectives and strategies.

We call this "synergization" technology - a whole new "paradigm shift" in how people will work together and how enterprises will be managed in the future. Synergization adds unprecedented new enterprise capabilities that allow an enterprise to become more aware of information, its people to become more productive and efficient, and its management to become more informed on company performance towards corporate objectives. Our vision is to become the global leader in enterprise Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) software.

Our Mission

GanaWare corporate mission is to provide enterprise software that creates synergies and promotes corporate strategies. "Creating synergies" and "promoting corporate strategies" are very important and key business benefits from using our SFM product that uniquely provides both bottom-up and top-down management capabilities. Our mission is to provide enterprise software that creates synergies and promotes corporate strategies.

for daily operations, SFM ensures that the right business information is automatically sent to the right people at the right time. Enhanced communication means better coordination, better management, and better synergies. Unlike traditional collaboration software applications that are passive tools, our SFM product and synergization technology is proactive and automatically enables and drives synergies. In essence, our software actually "creates" synergies! This is done using our proprietary Synergy Engine and Smart Agent technologies. This unique ability to automatically create synergies is obviously of immense value to any organization!

GanaWare sees "creating synergies" as only one part in the complex formula for business success. Synergies enable persons in a company to work together. However, we also need to ensure that these efforts are channeled into the "right directions" and towards common goals and objectives. Traditional business management tools are too decoupled from actual operations. Our unique Strategy Dashboard technology ensures that each and every person knows precisely where he or she is heading in real-time! Our Dashboard uses Smart Agents to monitor what is going on in an organization and updatSFMetrics and measures. Not only can Dashboards provide information on where individuals are heading, but also where their projects, their departments, and the whole organization is heading. This unique ability to visualize the resulting business effects of what you do plays an important role in the implementation, tracking and management of corporate strategies and objectives.

Our Belief

Our corporate belief is that in order for any organization to be successful, its people must be able to work together and in unison towards common goals.

Business environments are getting more and more competitive. There is business "survival" only for the absolute fittest. To be fit and lean, each and every person in an organization must work together and collectively. Not only will they need to work together, the work they perform must be done in unison with each other - just like an orchestra. Everyone must be in sync and in tune with what's going on. Being "in sync" and "in tune" means timely and informed decisions can be made instantly. Our technologies convert a company into a lean and agile organization that is better equipped to compete and win.

People in an organization must be able to work collectively towards the "right goals." There is no sense going fast in the wrong direction. However, directions are hard to see or sense in our complex business world. It is a very complicated ecosystem with multi-faceted relationships. It is not uncommon for corporations to charge unknowingly in the wrong direction only to find out a quarter or two later - when it is already too late.

GanaWare is in the business of providing software technologies and applications that helps an organization to achieve business success by ensuring that all its people are truly working together in unison and towards well-defined corporate goals and strategies.

Being able to response quickly and effectively in business is what synergy technology is about. Our technologies convert a company into a lean and agile organization that is better equipped to compete and win. Our software enablSFManagement and operations to make instant and well-informed decisions.


[July 24, 2019]
GanaWare joins the Business Incubation Program at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

[May 22, 2017]
GanaWare presents BAM business at EDB's Venture Capital Conference

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