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The Challenges

Moving product through the drug development pipeline has always been the key to pharmaceutical companies' success. Any delay in the drug development timeline results in a direct reduction in patent-protected product lifetime. For a potential blockbuster drug, this translates to tens of millions of (U.S.) dollars in lost revenue per month.

The technology behind GanaWare GanaWare Management (SFM) software comes from decades of research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Mining combined with advanced XML-based middleware infrastructure that supports a highly scalable and robust distributed architecture.

Drug development is fraught with many uncertainties:

  • In order to save time, planning and scheduling for activities such as bulk manufacturing of test compounds is initiated even before the results of critical studies have been obtained.
  • Schedules can abruptly change depending on the outcome of the studies.
  • Bottlenecks can arise because the rate of progress and survival of different candidates cannot be predicted ahead of time.
  • Any plans for load balancing and capacity planning are easily thwarted by the uncertainties and complexities of the drug development process.
  • Oftentimes, it cannot be predicted ahead of time which department will be the next bottleneck.

The Solution

With GanaWare ES platform, changes in a drug project's progress are intelligently analyzed and the downstream impact on various departments - from toxicology, pharmaceutical sciences, clinical, to regulatory - are identified and then communicated to the appropriate managers. This gets the right information to the right people at the right time, without information overload. Timely notification of schedule changes can allow project managers to avoid resource conflicts. It will give department heads time to consider outsourcing for contingent capacity, or re-assignment of resources across geographies.

GanaWare dashboard technology will display a company's drug development portfolio at a glance. It will provide top-level managers a bird's eye view of the entire portfolio's timeline, which will identify potential bottlenecks and critical path activities.

The Benefits of Synergization

Pharmaceutical research and development has always relied heavily on the creativity of the R&D staff. With drug development becoming more and more costly, and requirements for drug approval becoming more stringent, pharmaceuticals are turning to operational efficiency as a means for improving R&D productivity. Synergization of the drug development process will:

  • reduce the time to market, resulting in longer patent-protected revenue lifetime
  • provide for better workload balance of specialized resources, resulting in better resource utilization, thereby saving time and money
  • increase the throughput of candidate drug projects, resulting in a more robust pipeline for the given resources available

[July 24, 2019]
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