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Enterprise Synergy Platform

The Enterprise Synergy Platform is the technology behind the SFM product. ESP is a powerful platform designed specifically for high performance business event processing.

ESP provides a robust distributed architecture on top of which business events are aggregated and then processed using AI Smart Agents. The whole ES Platform communicates using secured XML messaging. All components within the ES Platform are implemented using open standards or industry de facto standards, such as Web services, XML, CORBA, J2EE, .NET, etc.

Highly Scalable and Robust Architecture

To support enterprises of different sizes and demands, the ES Platform is designed with a highly scalable and distributed architecture that grows and expands with your organization. This infrastructure is built using advanced middleware technology that supports XML messaging. The flexibility provided by our sophisticated architecture allows SFM to process large volumes of business events instantly. A core component of this architecture is the Event Manager that automatically load-balances and distributes business events to different Synergy Engines for processing and also logs them into an Event Store.

EAI and Legacy Support

The Business Event Aggregator (BEA) within the ES Platform is responsible for collecting business events from disparate data and messaging sources. EAI adapters in BEA allows ESP to connect to different sources and streams, such as user interactions and click streams, XML message streams, SOAP Web services, as well as other MOM (message-oriented middleware). These business event streams may be internal or externally from a business partner. For many companies, the main source of business event information will be from its centralized corporate databases. The ES Platform contains a highly proprietary Business Event Mining (BEM) technology that automatically mines and generates a live XML business event stream from a relational database. BEM is built using advanced AI data mining and learning technologies.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

The main purpose of the ES Platform is to provide a scalable architecture upon which business events can be intelligently processed. The processing is done via a set of Synergy Engines. The Synergy Event contains knowledge of your organization, its people and its structure, as well as your company management objectives. It also contains a collection of Smart Agents that are endowed with Artificial Intelligence in the form of business rules. Knowledge and intelligence regarding your enterprise is stored in a XML Repository and supported with LDAP Directory Services.

The net result is a highly robust and intelligent platform that supports "synergization" needs of organizations of any size and industry.


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